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Dental caries (commonly called cavities) are created from the bacteria in our mouth that remain on a tooth’s surface and penetrate the enamel over time. With routine exams, we can detect cavities in the early stages and treat them before the cavities get much larger and need more treatment.

When Do I Need to Get a Filling?

A cavity needs to be filled when decay has penetrated the enamel of the tooth. Depending on the size of decay, a crown may be necessary instead. If a cavity is left untreated, the tooth has a much shorter life.

Factors that cause cavities:
• Bad or incorrect oral hygiene habits (Not flossing or brushing)
• Dietary habits (such as eating sugary or acidic foods)
• Missing routine cleanings and check-ups

What Is the Process of Filling a Cavity?

Filling a cavity requires local anesthesia for complete comfort during the procedure. After numbing, Dr. Vahe will clean out the cavity and decayed tooth structure. Once there is only healthy tooth structure remaining, a tooth-colored composite filling will be placed and shaped into the area where the decay was removed. To finish, Dr. Vahe will polish and adjust the filling.