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Fluoride and Diet

The food and drinks you consume directly affect your teeth. There are many factors that contribute to which food and drinks cause damage to your teeth.

Sugary Foods: Sugars affect the likelihood of cavity formation and should be consumed in moderation. Bacteria that are already on your teeth use sugar as their own food, and then produce acid on your tooth surface. Processed or refined sugars are especially harmful and increase the risk of cavities. Processed or refined sugars are found in foods such as: candy, soda, juice, ice cream, and chips.

Acidic Foods: Consuming acidic food and beverages can dissolve and harm the outer most layer of your tooth, the enamel. Thin enamel can cause sensitivity, increased risk of cavities, and other dental problems. Common acidic foods and drinks are sodas, sports’ drinks, lemons, and limes. Try to enjoy these foods only in moderation to protect your teeth.