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Why Do I Need a Cleaning?

The foundation of your teeth is the periodontium (the gums and underlying bone) which holds your teeth in place. If you do not receive routine cleanings, at least twice a year, the risk of bone-loss or irreversible damage to the periodontium is inevitable. The bacteria/plaque on the surfaces of your teeth that is not removed while brushing and flossing can turn into calculus or tartar, which is mineralized or hardened plaque. The soft plaque or rough calculus that stick to your teeth cause inflammation in your gums, which is called gingivitis.

What Is the Process for a Dental Cleaning?

During your cleaning (prophylaxis) appointment, we will clean all of the plaque and calculus from the surfaces of your teeth. Next, we will polish and floss your teeth, and finish with a review of your oral hygiene routine. The cleaning procedure is completely painless. This restores a healthy environment for your gums, reduces bad breath, prevents bone loss and inflammation, and keeps your gums and teeth healthy until your next six-month check-up.