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Periodontal Treatment

The foundation of your oral health is the periodontium (the gums and underlying bone) which holds your teeth in place. If you don’t receive routine cleanings at least two times a year, the risk of bone loss or irreversible damage to the periodontium is inevitable.

The bacteria on the surfaces of your teeth that is not removed can result in the formation of calculus or tartar. The rough calculus gets stuck to your teeth and causes inflammation of your gums. This is called gingivitis. While this remains on your teeth, bacteria can more easily attach to the existing calculus and extend underneath your gums. In this situation, your body cannot maintain the healthy levels of bone due to the amount of pathogens present under and around the gums. This is called periodontitis.

Signs of periodontal disease:

• Red gums
• Bleeding when brushing or flossing
• Bad breath
• Pain while chewing
• Loose teeth
• Tender or swollen gums

Risk factors for periodontal disease:
• Poor oral hygiene
• Not receiving routine cleanings at the dentist
• Smoking
• Hormonal changes
• Diabetes or autoimmune disease
• Medications

Dr. Vahe begins his oral health evaluation with a thorough exam to make sure your gums and underlying bone remain healthy for as long as possible. With the proposed treatment, we can be sure that we are doing everything we can to maintain a healthy periodontium and not lose any bone or teeth.